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facing facts

“Whether we wish it or not we are involved in the world's problems... ”

— Walter Lippmann
20th century's most
influential American journalist

Fake news websites deliberately publishing hoaxes; misinformation; false information. The leader of the most powerful nation on Earth disparaging quality journalism and disbelieving real threats like climate change.

More than ever, we need clear thinking and clear communication based on facts and good science from good scientists.

“Whether we wish it or not we are involved in the world’s problems...”, and the No. 1 problem we face is environmental degradation.

I was lucky enough to attend the World Conference of Science Journalists in London, England, when the theme was climate change, and the AGM of the American Association for the Advancement of Science — the largest and one of the most prestigious science academies in the world — when it was held in Vancouver. The latter featured leading international scientists. These included Green MLA Andrew Weaver, who was then a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and James Hansen, regarded as the “father of climate change awareness” who blew the climate whistle before the US Congress in 1988.

As a journalist, I've been honoured to work with some of Canada’s best scientists in natural resources and clean energy sources like hydrogen fuel cells. My art practice has been enriched by working with physicists at TRIUMF — Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics and accelerator-based science.

Excellence in science and communication has never been more essential for solving the world's problems. It behooves us all to use every possible entry point to bring the power and beauty of science into mainstream thinking.