Glenda Bartosh

freelance writer, editor, artist

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3-part Song /
The Force is in You

sticky rice, basmati rice, fragrant jasmine rice, porcelain bowls, silver Duralar, marker pen

3-part Song / The Force is in You is a participatory art project that interprets matter and the release of energy that’s still driving the formation of the universe. The 3 bowls and their contents might symbolize the 3 basic forms of matter: solid, liquid, gas. Or the 3 constituents of an atom, the basic building block of matter: protons, neutrons, electrons. Or the 3 intrinsic properties of matter: charge, mass, spin. Or the 3 weak bosons, W+, W- and Z0 — elementary particles that mediate the weak force that, along with strong force, electromagnetism and gravitation, are the known fundamental interactions of nature.

Copyright Glenda Bartosh

As for the half-black, half-white aspect, is it strong force/weak force? Positive/negative? Matter/anti-matter? Or just another case of total absorption/total reflection of the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we see as black and white? However it is, it can come together, be energized, and blow apart, just like the cosmos that we, who have taken form as blocks of matter called humans, are part of.