Writing and publications that get read

No use writing an article or creating a publication or a web site if it doesn't get read.

Glenda Bartosh

You have a message. I have the skill and experience to make sure it's clear, accurate, appealing — and that it's read.

I draw on a strong background in journalism and graphic design plus 30 years' experience in Canadian print and web-based media to edit and design magazines, newspapers and newsletters as well as write stories and articles that are easy, even a pleasure, to read. The final results are first-class and delivered on time.

As a journalist with more than 25 years of experience with such newspapers as The New York Times, Globe and Mail, and Vancouver Sun, I have no hesitation in saying that Glenda is one of the most skilled and proficient editors I have worked with. She has a unique ability to find unanswered questions in copy, and insists that they be dealt with. Glenda's recognition that text and graphics must work together to produce a good publication is a rare asset.

Don Whitely
Communications consultant